By Bob McGartland


We get calls from customers complaining that their car seems to have a “mind of its own”. It wants to bounce and rock and drift and sway. We have a good idea what the problem is when we hear these complaints. It is either your vehicle’s shocks or struts or suspension part. Usually they wear out slowly and you don’t notice that they are aging, then suddenly, it seems like you can’t keep your tires on the road!

If it wasn’t for shocks and struts we would have a very uncomfortable and unsafe ride. Not only do they give us a smooth ride, they also affect the car’s braking, steering and stability. Here are some clues that your vehicle needs service in this area!

  • When you are crossing an intersection does your vehicle bounce more than three times?
  • When you come to a fast stop does it rock back and forth?
  • When you change lanes quickly does it sway from side to side?
  • When you apply the brakes suddenly while driving at higher speeds does it seem to pull to the left or to the right?
  • When rounding a curve does it lean?

If so, you need to see your car care provider. They will check for fluid leaking from shocks or struts, shiny spots on the safety bumper, and marks between the coils of the spring, tire cupping, broken or loose mounts and check to see if the stabilizer bar is damaged or even broken. Any of these can be the cause of your bouncing ride. Be safe and call your car care provider today. Have an enjoyable summer!

Happy Motoring!

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