By Bob McGartland

I Wanna Be Green

Hellllooooo! Yea, I’m talkin’ to you! I may not be the newest car on the block but I have needs too! All I hear blasting out of the radio you listen to all the time is the bad economy and then about getting rid of me for a “greener” model. They actually used the word…gulp…clunker! Can you imagine it? Calling me a clunker? Just because I’m bigger than a bread box it doesn’t make me a clunker! I’ve never been so hurt or so insulted.

I’ve given you the best years of my life but with a little tender loving care I can give you a lot more and you know the best part? It will make me greener…and save you money. Just think…together we can improve the environment and your bank account! What a win-win situation!

Here’s what we need to do. First off, drive me over to my Bob’s place at Robinwood Automotive. He knows exactly what I need. Have his techs check out my battery, charging and starting; engine mechanical; powertrain control (hey, don’t forget that onboard diagnostic check thing they do); fuel; ignition; and emissions. This alone can improve my gas mileage by four percent! Oh…and I’d like my oxygen sensor checked too, just to be safe. That can improve my gas mileage up to 40%!

I suggest the techs look at my filters while they are at it. Yep! A clogged filter can bring down my fuel efficiency by as much as 10%...that’s 15 cents a gallon to you! I also want my spark plugs checked out so they are firing properly. Misfiring wastes fuel, ya know!

My cooling system can also cause me to boil over if it isn’t in top form. I really can’t stand that. Think about it…I’m sitting on the side of the road with steam coming out of my hood. So embarrassing… The other cars drive by and look at me like I’m such a looser and their drivers honk at me if I have the misfortune of boiling over and causing a traffic jam! And you know what else…you guessed it…it wastes fuel and raises emissions.

Last but not least, have the tech look at my tires. They are, after all, all that comes between me and the pavement! If they are over-inflated it makes me less fuel efficient…if they are under-inflated…same scenario. My tires need to be juuuust right!

Well…I sure am glad we had this little talk. It does me good to get this off my grill! Go on now…make the appointment. I want to be able to drive proudly down the street and if you get it done quickly I may just drive you to get an ice cream. You’ll have the extra cash now!

Faithfully yours!

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