By Bob McGartland


Those annoying under the car drips can leave your driveway and garage floor a mess…in fact everywhere you park becomes a victim to this mess. The only drip you don’t need to be concerned with is the condensation from your air conditioner. Everything else is a signal that there is a problem. The small drips are giving you fair warning that if ignored, serious problems are in your future. Here are few examples:

A reddish brown drip may mean one of three things; leaking transmission, over tightened pan gasket or a leaking front seal.

A green or orange-red drip suggests a cooling system problem such as leaking hose or radiator.

A brown to brownish-black drip that is thick in consistency is more than likely engine oil. This is not a huge problem if it is slight but when it grows to puddle size it is a sign of something serious and if not kept under control could mean severe engine trouble.

A leak that looks like tea and feels oily is brake fluid. This type of drip or leak is always serious!

If you notice a puddle three inches or larger under your car don’t ignore it. Get it to the professionals as soon as possible.

A puddle between one and two inches isn’t as serious…yet...unless it is brake fluid. Don’t put off having it looked at too long though…it could become a much more serious problem.

It is a good practice not to ignore the drip, drip, and drip because if left unchecked those drips will turn into puddles that get bigger and bigger until you no longer have a small problem, you have a major problem.

You are probably familiar with old adage, “Don’t major on the minors!” When it comes to drips we want to keep them minor so by all means, when it comes to your car and drips, definitely “Major on the minors!” Make an appointment with your car’s health care professional as soon as possible. Remember, minor problems come with minor price tags…major problems come with major price tags…maybe even the cost of a new engine!

Prevention is always the best medicine for your vehicle.

If you want to read this article in PDF format press here. Happy Motoring!

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