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What is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

What is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System? Keeping the tires properly inflated is important for your driving safety. If you are driving a 2008 or newer car, truck or SUV, it has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) already installed. This feature became standard on all 2008 and newer models. Some older models may have the TPMS depending on their year and make. The TPMS symbol will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so please familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s system. The most common symbol looks like a cut away tire with the ! in the center of the tire. If a tire loses 25% of it’s recommended tire pressure, the TPMS light should appear. Even though this is a good warning system, if you routinely carry a large number of passengers, or have heavy loads in your pick up, an underinflated tire can create handling problems and possibly leave you on the side of the road with a flat tire. When the TPMS light illuminates, we recommend checking the tire press ... read more

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