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The Importance of Struts and Shocks

Your vehicle should always be in the best working condition possible. An annual inspection of your vehicle’s suspension and steering components can prevent these components from getting to an unsafe condition.  Ignoring a problem will only make it worse in the long run. Sometimes the vehicle handles differently if the struts and shocks are starting to wear out. You may notice this because the ride will become rough and bouncy. You may also hear noises as you go over bumps or railroad tracks.  The struts and shocks are important to provide you and your passengers with a smooth and comfortable ride. If you notice that hitting even the slightest bump makes your car bounce side to side, it could be the struts and shocks. A strut-type suspension will have struts that are the shock absorbers mounted inside coil springs. This also helps to control the amount of bouncing created by bumps, dips, or rough spots in the road and making a hard or sudden stop. When the struts and sh ... read more

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