Monthly Archives: March 2019

Taking Odd Noises Seriously

There are many different types of noises and sounds that occur from the car. One day the car is quite and the next day you start to hear the noise. Sometimes the noise starts off faint and then continues to get louder over time.  Some of them may be more serious than others. Even if you’re not sure if the noise is something serious or not, it is always best to have it properly inspected. I have listed below several of the common “noises” and their possible cause.  A clunk or thumping noise in the front or back of the vehicle, could possibly be an issue with the struts, the shocks or some other suspension component.   One noise that you might hear could be from the brakes. It might be a high-pitched screech that only happens when you apply the brake pedal. This can be caused by worn out brake pads. Some brake pads are equipped with wear indicators, designed to warn the driver the brake pads are at the end of their efficiency.  The brake roto ... read more

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