Monthly Archives: June 2019

Father’s and Cars - Great for Family Bonding

Since we celebrate and remember Father’s Day in June, I thought this would be a good topic for my monthly article.  There are several reasons why we love our cars; we depend on them to get us to and from our destination safely; they’re transportation going to school, church, shopping, work and family vacations. While you own a vehicle, you will also want to make sure that it is always operating correctly and efficiently. There may be some ‘at home’ maintenance tasks you do on your vehicle to help it stay in the best condition. While you do these tasks, it would be a great time to teach your children about car care. This creates a great opportunity to talk and bond with family members. A simple task, such as changing a tire, can be a great learning experience for your son or daughter. As they grow up and get their driver’s license, they may need to know how to change a tire, incase one would blow when they are driving. Father’s can teach their c ... read more

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