Monthly Archives: July 2019

The Benefits of Engines Made Today

The engines in modern vehicles are quite different than what they used to be. Newer engines have technology that will help use less fuel while also having more power. Older engines had four or five speed transmissions, but engines today have seven or eight speed transmissions. The more speed the transmission has, the better it can work with the engine power to make the vehicle run efficiently. The engines used today can be partnered with CVT’s, or Continuously Variable Transmissions, which allows an infinite number of gear ratios. Hybrid cars are powered by battery packs. This allows the engine to generate extra power when it is needed, such as accelerating hard.   The engines today have technology that helps them work smarter and more efficient. There is a system that allows some cylinders to shut down when they are not needed, which is called cylinder deactivation. The cylinder deactivation helps everything run more efficiently and uses only the fuel it needs. When t ... read more

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