Monthly Archives: February 2019

Do You Know the Condition of your Tires?

Driving in the winter can present different challenges when on the road. Winter storms can bring snow, sleet, ice, and freezing rain. We had a major winter storm last month where many cars and trucks slid off the road, accidents blocked highways, and, in some spots, people were stranded in traffic for 16 hours. Things were quite a mess the second weekend in January. I am sure good tires and bad tires were a factor in whether or not a vehicle was able to stay on the road. One of the most important things on your vehicle is the tires. I can’t stress this point enough. That six-inch section of rubber is the only part that separates you from the road. If the tires are in poor condition and or improperly inflated, it dramatically decreases the safety of the vehicle.  Tires should be inspected for proper air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, uneven tread wear and even the age of the tire. These are all important factors in keeping tires in their most efficient condition. C ... read more

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