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Do Engines Need a Tune Up?

Older cars and engines may need a tune up every 30,000 to 45,000 miles. The machining of engine parts has greatly improved over the years. New cars made today, do not have points, caps and rotors, or spark plug wires. Most modern cars do not need a tune up in the traditional sense. The reason is that nothing can be adjusted because computers control it all. A tune up for a modern car mostly includes services such as spark plug replacement, air filter and fuel filter replacements, and a few other tasks. If you notice the vehicle running poorly, lacks power going up a hill or when you feel that quick drop out like the engine misses a beat, it time to get to the shop to see what is going on.  Preventive maintenance of replacing spark plugs, per the vehicle maintenance schedule based in the owner’s manual, is very beneficial.  Most spark plugs last 100,000 miles. Yet, at Robinwood, we see many cars with 150,000 miles or more and spark plugs haven’t been replaced. Wha ... read more

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