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Oh, Those Annoying Potholes

Over the winter, the cold temperatures and weather can cause some significant damage to the surface of the roads. Potholes will form when the soil under the pavement becomes weak or displaced. Ice and running water can disrupt the soil under the pavement, thus resulting in a pothole. When a vehicle drives over these spots, the pavement will start to crack and chip away. All potholes start small, but will grow into larger ones as traffic increases. If you hit a pothole, it can end up causing you a lot more money and time if you do not have it checked as soon as possible. There are several areas that you should have checked. This includes shocks, struts, front and rear suspension components, tires, and the alignment of the tires. Since the tires are the only part of the vehicle that touch the road, they are the most prone to damage. This can include tread separation, flat tires, or sidewall bulges.  As you hit the pot hole, the tire makes impact and it may slice the rubber. You may ... read more

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