By Bob McGartland

Blast From The Past

Our vehicles have changed throughout the years and they keep on changing. Here are a few thoughts for you to ponder:

  • Remember when we actually had to crank our windows up and down?
  • Remember when ash trays and lighters were in vehicles instead of change holders and an auxiliary port to recharge your phone or other electrical devices?
  • Remember when you had to adjust your outside mirrors manually?
  • Remember when your spare tire was a real full-sized tire and not a tiny doughnut?
  • Remember unlocking your car doors with a key as the only option?
  • Remember bench seats in the front of every vehicle?
  • Remember when you didn’t have the option of having a DVD monitor in your vehicle?
  • Remember when a fold-out map was the only option instead of a navigation device?
  • Remember when your car seats were just seats and didn’t have a built in heater and didn’t offer a massage?

And the list goes on. Here is something else to remember or it may in fact come as a surprise to some. Electric cars were introduced in 1896 and by the end of the century almost 50% of motorcars worldwide were electric. By 1905 80% of cars were petroleum driven and by 1920 the electric car was, well, almost history.

In 1913 GMC produced 173 electric trucks. That represented 40% of the truck unit’s sales! Ironically, automotive manufacturers are all scrambling to bring us electric cars and trucks that fit into current lifestyles. Trucks are large and can easily accommodate the large battery packs. Many delivery trucks are somewhat on a routine schedule and so running about during the day and then plugging in at night makes sense… if there is garage space or outlets available for this service.

Playing the game of “remember when” is always a nice trip down nostalgia lane and sometimes… every once in a while… we decide that the way things were might just meet the needs of today. We’ll see…

Happy Motoring!

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