By Bob McGartland


In today’s economy there are many businesses offering ‘cheap’ prices to get a consumer in the door. To me, these businesses aren’t offering ‘value.’ Value is when you want to provide the best possible solution for your customers. Now the best doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive, but it doesn’t always mean the cheapest either. For example, when I have to replace a part on your vehicle, I want it to be a part that has good quality and a good warranty and I want that part to last you more than a month or two.

When you entrust a service and repair shop with the service of your car, the staff and the owner should want you be happy and want you to be safe. Sure…anyone can put the cheapest part on your vehicle and you’ll feel good right up until it has you sitting on the side of the road in a breakdown situation. When you have to get towed in and are unhappy that the repair didn’t last very long and now you have a tow bill and the inconvenience of an untimely breakdown, cheap no longer has value!

We’ve had people bring their vehicles here that had been serviced ‘cheaply’ at other shops and the customer felt they just couldn’t take their car back to the cheap shop to let them do another poor job. Paying twice for the same service isn’t value.

Just keep in mind that most automotive service and repair facilities insist on giving their customers value. A well equipped shop, with an excellently trained staff and the best warranty is important when it comes to getting proper vehicle care. Remember…it may be an old adage but it is very true…you do get what you pay for and a good shop will want you to rest assured that what you will get is great value and service each and every time.

Happy Motoring!

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